Lake Waters

Friday, October 09, 2009

Lake Waters, 30x30", Oil on canvas, 2009

* 11x11" custom 16x20" matted prints of this painting will soon be available! Check out my store at


  1. This is just stunning. I can't wait to see the prints go on sale!

  2. Thanks! I just put the new prints in my online store about a week ago. You can see/purchase them here:

  3. this picture is gorgeous...i saw this image on another blog (mint) and had to see who did it! what talent!

    xoxo alison

  4. I love the gesture of the figure and the paint drips give the feel that the painting itself came out of the water. The strong light source from above adds a great depth to the figure in the atmospheric water, (giving a blue tint to everything.)
    Great job on your work I like the way you are getting at the beauty of figures in and around water without being overly sexual in their apparel (no thongs, or sports illustrated versions) just very beautiful people enjoying themselves:)


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